Service to the community is part of the Legion and associates mission. Part of that service is in support of veterans and their loved ones in times of a departed veteran. 
The association of chaplains from the post, sons, auxiliary form the Chaplains Corner. 
Post Chaplain           Jim Brian                                         785-231-8141
Auxiliary Chaplain    Grace Brian                                     785-231-4505

We will give only the first name and  sometimes their ride name.
God will know who and why we are praying for each person.
And as always, keep our military and their families in your prayers.


Contact Me (Jim) for updates--------e-mail and phone number above

Our Country

Our Military and their family's

Our Veteran's who served their country
        in the past.

Our Post 421 who continues to serve

Continue to remember and pray for our Country and our Leaders.  
Pray for the members of our post who are going through difficult times.

Pray for our Country 

Lord, keep our soldiers and sailors safe during this Holiday season.
Lord, continue to keep your arms wrapped around all our military and their families.
Lord, let us never forget our POW's and MIA's

REMEMBER CONTACT YOUR CHAPLAIN (JIM BRIAN) WHEN IN NEED OF PRAYERS OR EVEN A VISIT. --------------------------------------------------------    
All our military and their families
Pray for the ones that have served our country, they are called by many names.  Father,  Mother, Son, Daughter, and the list goes on.
Also our Legion Post and their families